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“ I went to Dr. Jen for low back pain, and she has helped minimize my pain and taught me how to prevent the aches. She always listens to my concerns, and she’s super flexible with scheduling appointments. Would recommend for anyone looking for some help managing any aches or pains! ”

Ashley Flores

“ I began seeing Dr. Jenn after a stint of cross fit that left me feeling extremely tense in my neck and shoulder blades and my low back flexibility was minimal. Long story short, I have had back pain on and off but mostly on since about age 18yo. Dr. Jenn did some investigating and it turns out one of my legs was significantly shorter. She quickly put in an order for a lift for my shoe. And I'm feeling much better. It's not to 100%, but it's getting there.

I've gone to numerous chiropractors across eastern and central NC. I've even been assessed at Duke University to work toward resolving my low back tension. Dr. Jenn intuitively recommended a simple and affordable Xray and quickly identified the core of my back problems.

Thanks a ton Dr. Jenn! You are much appreciated. ”

Matt Mitchell

“ Love Dr. Jen. Totally listens to your concerns and takes time with you. ”

Shelley Collins

“ Dr. Jen is a wonderful chiropractor. She is very skilled at what she does. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and very few were able to adjust my neck fully like she does. She always knows where you need work and is quick, efficient and friendly! Love Dr. Jen! ”

Wanda Pell

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